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Use the Seigla Yoga Wheel to fully open up and stretch your back, chest and spine to increase your flexibility everyday. The Seigla Yoga Wheel is the perfect tool to assist you and help you conquer the most difficult yoga poses.

other uses include:

• Stretch and fully open up your chest, shoulder, back and hips with ease and comfort <br> • Release muscle tension in tight areas in the body after a long day at work <br> • Build core strength through accessory workouts and stretches <br> • Build back strength to accomplish backbend poses with ease <br> • Sculpt and tone your entire body <br> • The ultimate yoga prop to help you achieve your yogi goals

Great Product!

" I am a complete beginner when it comes to the Yoga Wheel but I absolutely love it.  After just a couple days of practice I could tell it was opening up my back and definitely helping my flexibility. "

Presley G. - Amazon Review

Even better than I'd hoped for!

" When I came across this Seigla yoga wheel on Amazon, I couldn't believe the price, I've only ever seen yoga wheels for hundreds; so I ordered it straight away. It came really well packaged & would make a beautiful gift for any yoga/fitness enthusiast. "

Pearl S. - Amazon Review

Can't go a day without using it!

" It works wonders! now i can't go a day without rolling around on it a bit because my spine feels stretched out and it feels so good to crack my upper back every time i use it! Highly recommend! "

Janet H. - Amazon Review


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