• Pincha mayurasana

    Posted | by Ary Ashoor


    Pincha mayurasanathe elusive forearm-stand. While this pose boasts multiple physical, mental and emotional benefits: helping to develop better balance and shoulder and core strength, cultivating inward focus, mental stillness, and self-confidence (because hey, this is a pretty freakin Read more

  • Full Pigeon Pose

    Posted | by Ary Ashoor


    Coming into full pigeon pose without assistance or props is incredibly challenging, if not impossible, for most practitioners. It's demanding on the back and the quads, and requires a tight core and deep external rotation of the shoulders. The Yoga Wheel takes care of a lot of these problems for you (but please do warm up the front body when doing...

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  • Supported Bridge Pose with the Seigla Yoga Wheel

    Posted | by Ary Ashoor

     Yoga Wheel Bridge Pose

    When setting up supported bridge pose, most reach for blocks. The problem with blocks, however, is the backbend is anything but even–there is a sharp bend in the lower back, and the mid and upper back go largely untouched That tension in the lower back then travels up the spine to the mid and upper back, causing neck...

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